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Project guidelines and services

Engineering Consulting Company Ltd. has 15 years of experience in design and construction engineering activities ranging from site selection and development of design documentation with further pre-construction expert review to participation in commissioning procedures.

Engineering Consulting Company Ltd. is a member of the self-regulating organization SRO NP International Designers Association.

We hold the following work permits for development of design documentation affecting safety of capital construction facilities:

  • works on organization of design documentation preparation by an outside developer or customer under a contract with a legal entity or individual entrepreneur (General Designer);
  • works on preparation of an area planning map for a land plot;
  • works on development of architectural solutions;
  • works on development of structural and spatial solutions;
  • works on preparation of information about utility equipment, utility lines, list of actions on utility systems, content of process solutions;
  • works on preparation of construction management plan;
  • works on preparation of environmental protection measures;
  • works on preparation of fire safety measures;
  • works on preparation of measures for handicapped person facilitation;
  • works on preparation of land allocation design for linear facilities;
  • works on development of process and structural solutions for linear facilities.

Licenses held by Engineering Consulting Company Ltd.:

  1. GS-7-25-02-1026-0-2536057179-005-036-1 Designing of I and II safety level buildings and facilities according to State Standard (including General Designers functions)
  2. GS-7-25-02-1027-0-2536057179-004-966-1 Construction of I and II safety level buildings and facilities according to State Standard (including Client-Developers functions)
  3. No. 420 dated 30.01.2006 for works involving use of confidential governmental information

Services provided by Engineering Consulting Company Ltd. under licenses:

Client & Developers functions:

  • Obtaining and issue of input data for designing of facilities (land plot reservation, feasibility studies, technical conditions for utility connections, construction passport);
  • Preparation of Scope of Design;
  • Technical support at designing stage (supervision of design documentation development and approvals according to established procedures, submission to expert review for approval and to general contractor organization);
  • Obtaining of permitting documentation for construction and reconstruction, control of validity term of issued technical conditions for utility connections;
  • Support to clearance of construction site (relocation of community members and organizations from building to be demolished or reconstructed; other issues of site preparation for work execution);
  • Construction management;
  • Technical supervision.

Development of design documentation sections for construction of buildings and facilities and integrated complexes:

  • Master plans, landscaping of buildings, facilities and complexes, site preparation;
  • Architectural and layout solutions (plans, cross sections, front views, foundations, bearing and enclosing structures).

Utility system designing:

  • HVAC;
  • Water supply and sewage;
  • Gas supply and refrigeration;
  • Electric power supply up to 35 kV inclusive, electric equipment and electric lighting;
  • Radio and TV systems;
  • Dispatching control, automatic control and control of utility systems;
  • Mechanization and on-site transport.

Special-purpose facilities and their complexes:

  • military & industrial complex facilities
  • aerospace industry facilities
  • penitentiary facilities
  • terminals

Defense infrastructure facilities:

  • special process complexes
  • buildings and facilities for troop command
  • buildings and facilities for military hardware parking and storage
  • buildings and facilities for military supplies and equipment storage
  • buildings and facilities for armament testing
  • military camps
  • industrial facilities
  • public buildings and facilities
  • military & industrial complex facilities
  • aerospace industry facilities
  • penitentiary facilities
  • terminals

Process designing of hydraulic engineering facilities and complexes:

  • Port facilities;
  • Navigation ways;
  • Hydraulic engineering facilities of shipbuilding and ship repair yards;
  • Navigational aids
  • Offshore and oil & gas hydraulic engineering facilities.

Process designing of public buildings, facilities and complexes:

  • Buildings for education and training;
  • Buildings for research institutions, designing, public and governmental organizations;
  • Buildings and facilities for health care and recreation;
  • Buildings and facilities for physical culture, fitness and sports;
  • Buildings for cultural and entertainment institutions
  • Buildings for trade, catering and consumer services;
  • Buildings for transport systems intended for direct public services;
  • Buildings for communal economy;
  • Multi-functional buildings and complexes including spaces for various purposes;
  • Buildings and facilities for governmental bodies, defense, state security, financial institutions and foreign representations.

Process designing of industrial buildings, facilities and complexes:

  • Construction industry facilities- concrete mixing plants, pre-cast concrete plants, asbestos-cement product plants, asphalt plants, carpentry shops, shops for major repair of building and road machinery, building machinery maintenance and repair stations, building material warehouses, mixing plants;
  • Communication facilities communication lines, control and switching centres, telephone stations, radio and TV broadcasting and receiving centres, satellite communication facilities, relays, area communication offices, post and telegraph offices;
  • Industrial facilities underground structures (retaining walls, basements, tunnel and channels, pits), reservoirs for liquids and gases (oil and oil products tanks, gas holders), elevated facilities (stacks and platforms, open crane racks, standalone supports and racks for process pipelines, galleries and trestles, offloading railway scaffolds).

Condition survey of buildings and facilities:

  • Condition survey of foundations;
  • Condition survey of bearing and enclosing structures;
  • Survey of utility lines;
  • Production of recommendations and conclusions based on survey report materials.

Designing and approval of engineering and technical measures on civil defense and emergencies.