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Project management

Engineering Services. Project Management.

As mentioned above, one of our companyís specialized areas of focus is pre-design, design and construction engineering services relating to the next level of services provision at above said stages Ė project management.

Of course, the scope and stage-specific level of services to be provided in the above said area is dependent, in equal degree, both on customerís needs and feasibility of engineering services either as one package (project management) or as support to individual project stages (pre-design, design, construction engineering).


Due to continuously growing requirements to designing and construction activities (as implementation stages of a given investment project), both as separate activities and as activities integrated into a package of activities carried out to implement an investment project, the issue of coordinating human and material resources during the entire life cycle of a project arises most prominently.

To accomplish this objective, customer (investor) appoints a project leader (in international practices and, since recently, in domestic investment designing practices as well Ė project manager).

In the time of the Soviet Union and in post-Soviet times, GOST standard regulated functional rights and responsibilities of General Designer and General Contractor who were empowered with authorities to a certain degree similar to those of Project Manager. However, project managerís powers are broader and allow a broader spectrum of actions within the limits set by customer (investor), regardless of the fact that either organization or physical person may be empowered with these authorities. Thus, project manager may be delegated powers to plan, control and coordinate activities of project parties, to manage financial resources. Project managerís principal task is to ensure optimal alternatives for project implementation in accordance with customerís requirements and interests, to coordinate activities of all parties involved in investment process on the basis of advanced work methods and procedures.

In order to coordinate works and maintain positive interaction between organizations involved in the project during facility designing and construction, it is reasonable to appoint a supervisor (project leader, project manager) who should be assigned a leadership mission in designing and construction process, including the following powers and responsibilities:

1. At design documentation development stage:

  • development of a concept of works and prioritization of strategic areas for its implementation;
  • selection of design documentation designers in case of involvement of additional (third-party, specialized) organizations;
  • preparation (revision) of scopes of work on design documentation development, distribution of this scope between designers and establishment of interfacing framework;
  • ensuring of compliance between design documentation sections and Technical Assignment and current requirements to composition of design documentation;
  • determination of stage-specific level of design development, composition and volume of documentation provided by designers;
  • selection of preferable technical and other solutions considered in the design;
  • planning and coordination of designing and survey works on the project on the basis of adopted strategic solutions on its implementation;
  • ensuring of cooperative interaction between organizations involved in design development;
  • control and assessment of interim stages of design development;
  • technical, financial, economic, commercial, environmental and organizational analysis of design development sections and stages;
  • control of compliance between technical and economic level of adopted design solutions, identification of most feasible technical and design solutions;
  • handling of disputes arising during design development and making mutually acceptable decisions;
  • timely reporting to project parties (customer, designers) about current status of design development;
  • control of factors, conditions and documents that may affect progress of work;
  • having design documentation approved in accordance with requirements and technical procedures established by law, and in cases of justified deviations from regulatory requirements (by regulatory bodies approving these requirements);
  • support of design solutions in front of expert review bodies and during documentation approval by customer;
  • preparation of documents on customerís financial sanctions to producers of design documentation (other engineering and technical products) for improper execution of contractual obligations or quality of work;

2. At pre-construction and construction stage:

  • organization and control of purchase order issuance for delivery of materials and structural elements required for facility construction and operation;
  • organization of preparations for awarding equipment delivery contracts;
  • selection (participation in selection) of general contractor (contractors), general supplier (suppliers), including contract tendering (bidding) procedures, other construction parties, preparation and awarding (participation in preparation and awarding) of construction contracts;
  • organization of work on obtaining documentation for construction activities (land use documents with customer to be directly involved if advantages of office to be used, construction permits, technical documentation on geodetic datum for site staking, resolutions on soil dumping site allocation, etc.);
  • control of equipment and material delivery schedule, organization of their acceptance, submission and examination of claims to manufacturers and suppliers, participation in arbitration proceedings (if necessary);
  • organization and coordination of designerís and technical on-site supervision activities and other activities by investment and construction parties;
  • monitoring of construction work progress, timely solution of issues arising in process of construction;
  • consideration of and making decisions on changes to detailed design documentation arising from enactment of new regulatory documents, revision of earlier issued design solutions with account for actual status of construction;
  • participation in work and calendar scheduling, monitoring of work progress, control of work progress and preparation of proposals on required adjustments;
  • control of equipment installation, setup and commissioning;
  • examination and settlement of disputes on execution of contractual obligations with general contractor (contractors) and other construction parties;
  • control of construction and installation work performance quality, including delivered equipment, structural elements and materials, step-by-step evaluation of work completion status;
  • preparation of work progress reports, reports on schedule and calendar plan observance; timely reporting to customer in case of non-compliance with project implementation schedule;
  • control of commissioning works and organization of (participation in) preparations for facility commissioning;
  • participation in facility (construction stage or phase) commissioning and in approval procedures on schedule for rectification of construction defects revealed during warranty period.