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Engineering Consulting Company Ltd.

Planning, construction, technological engineering.


We are pleased to welcome you on the pages of website "Engineering Consulting Company Ltd.”

Our company has 15 years of experience in design and construction engineering activities ranging from site selection and development of design documentation with further pre-construction expert review to participation in commissioning procedures.

We have accumulated invaluable practical experience in this business area which adds our company more creative power in the market of above said services and capability to build up a team of professionals skilled in accomplishing maximum compliance with requirements set by our customers.

We are open to cooperation at all times and ready for positive interfacing in solving issues relating to feed surveys, development of design and cost documentation, obtaining approvals and expert review statements, other business project activities in area of facility and territory development.

More detailed information about our company, its history, achievements, projects is available at out website.

Sincerely,  Alexandra Maximets

Director Engineering Consulting Company Ltd.


Наши преимущества перед конкурентами:

  • Высокое качество работ
  • Оперативность
  • Комплексный подход
  • Гибкая ценовая политика
  • Мобильность

Engineering works and services provided by Engineering Consulting Company Ltd. as part of certified business activities:

General Designer, Client functions:
  • Obtaining and issue of input data for designing of facilities (land plot reservation, feasibility studies, technical conditions for utility connections, construction passport);
  • Preparation of Scope of Design;
  • Technical support at designing stage (supervision of design documentation development and approvals according to established procedures, submission to expert review for approval and to general contractor organization);
  • Obtaining of permitting documentation for construction and reconstruction, control of validity term of issued technical conditions for utility connections;
  • Support to clearance of construction site (relocation of community members and organizations from building to be demolished or reconstructed; other issues of site preparation for work execution);
  • Construction management;
  • Technical supervision.
Development of design documentation sections for construction of buildings and facilities and integrated complexes:
  • Master plan and transport:
  • Architectural and structural solutions:
  • Process solutions:
  • Utility equipment, lines and systems
  • Special sections of design documentation
  • Cost documentation
  • Condition survey of buildings and facilities:
  • General Designer functions.
Engineering Consulting Company Ltd. is a member of the self-regulating organization SRO NP International Designers Association.

We hold the following work permits for development of design documentation affecting safety of capital construction facilities:


  • works on organization of design documentation preparation by an outside developer or customer under a contract with a legal entity or individual entrepreneur (General Designer);
  • works on preparation of an area planning map for a land plot;
  • works on development of architectural solutions;
  • works on development of structural and spatial solutions;
  • works on preparation of information about utility equipment, utility lines, list of actions on utility systems, content of process solutions;
  • works on preparation of construction management plan;
  • works on preparation of environmental protection measures;
  • works on preparation of fire safety measures;
  • works on preparation of measures for handicapped person facilitation;
  • works on preparation of land allocation design for linear facilities;
  • works on development of process and structural solutions for linear facilities.

Valid License:

Лицензия ИКК тайна.jpg

No. 420 of 30.01.2006 – for works involving use of confidential governmental information.